ABC – We Print Anything – In the Cards, 1977

159 colored cards, typescript text on pink, yellow, and green cardboard, in box covered in blue fabric, ribbons
Each card: 3 × 5 in.; 7.5 × 12.5 cm
Printed by Brummense uitgeverei van luxe werkjesm Arnhem

Publication based on lecture performance
Franklin Furnace, New York, NY, November 9, 1976
“Discussion as an Art Form,” New York University, New York, NY, May 14, 1977
De Appel, Amsterdam, NL, June 3–4, 1977
Festival of Performance Art, Arnhem, NL, June 9, 1977

black and white image zoomed in on someone's shirt which says "ABC We Print Anything;" Another person's arm is wrapped around them
green text on a yellow background