Selected Works by Carolee Schneemann

Black and white photo of artist reclining naked in front of paintings.
Eye Body: 36 Transformative Actions for Camera, 1963
partially nude bodies entertwined in dance, holding parts of chicken bodies
Meat Joy, 1964
Laughing couple in filmstrip.
Fuses, 1964 – 1967
b/w photo of Schneemann mid performance; she is nude and slightly hunched over; she is removing a thin paper scroll from her vagina and reading it
Interior Scroll, 1975
Abstract painting that is green and orange in color, with a small amount of blue. Black is used to outline and highlight the other colors.
Winter’s Fuel I, 1956
Expressionist painting with nude reclining male figure and several cats.
Personae: JT and Three Kitchs, 1957