Interior Scroll, 1975

performance, Women Here and Now, East Hampton, NY, August 29, 1975. Photos: Anthony McCall
Telluride Film Festival, Telluride, CO, September 4, 1977

The message I read for Interior Scroll is from the feminist texts in Kitch's Last Meal. The image occurred as a drawing; this image seemed to have to do with the power and possession of naming-the movement from interior thought to external signification, and the reference to an uncoiling serpent, to actual information (like ticker tape, rainbow, Torah in the Ark, chalice, choir loft, plumb line, bell tower, the umbilicus, and tongue).

Note: The text for each of the performances was different. The artwork in the image below below combines the text from the 1977 performance with two photographs from 1975.

b/w photo of Schneemann mid performance; she is nude and slightly hunched over; she is removing a thin paper scroll from her vagina and reading it
two b/w photos of schneemann during her performance; on either side is the text from the scroll she read aloud during the performance
Interior Scroll - The Cave, 1995
Devour, 2003 – 2004
Meat Joy, 1964
ABC – We Print Anything – In the Cards, 1977