Devour, 2003 – 2004

multi-channel video projection, videos (color, sound)
7:52 min.

Devour, a video installation with four TV monitors and two video projections, is built upon the juxtaposition of what Schneemann called the "ecstatic normal" of everyday domesticity and the "violent, concussive, speeding fragments" of atrocities. The architecture of the grid and the recurring relationship of the body to social politics are present throughout the installation.

Location sources: Springtown, NY; Skowhegan, ME; Los Angeles, CA; Kansas City, MO; Sarajevo, Bosnia; Lebanon; Haiti; Mexico; Ecuador
Editing: Ivan Cortazar
Editing assistance: Bethany Schadel
Additional footage: Christina Koebel
Made possible by Rockefeller Foundation Media Artist Grant, Eyebeam Artist in Residence
Special thanks: Kathy Brew, Jennifer Stamps, Melanie Crean, Kristen Prevallet and Alan Gilbert, Rudi Stern, Tom Luddy, Tania Blanich, Video Press Sarajevo: VAS, TV B&H, Saga

dark room with 4 monitors on ground and 2 video projections
dark room with 4 monitors on ground and 2 video projections: one with man being chased, the other with static